Thursday,  January 12, 2006   

The Farley Mowat 

Takes Direct Action!     

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 Segment 1

Breaking News. . . .

Captain Paul Watson

of the  Farley Mowatt,

 (the lead ship of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society)

talks about his efforts to save whales in the Antarctic Ocean, which this week brought new levels of direct confrontation as ships collide in their efforts to command the future of the whale. 

Japan continues its quest for whale meat, which is forcing ever increasing confrontations between those who wish to enforce the global bans on certain whale hunters, and those who continue their quest. This week sees direct confrontation between the two sides. Today we talk with Captain Paul Watson whose boat, the Farley Mowat has already sideswiped a whaling vessel in direct action to prevent more loss of life to whales. He talks from the Farley Mowat by satellite phone from his ship while pursuing the illegal whalers.

    Segment 2

Winter Hiking

American Hiking Society

with Seth Levy

It's winter, and that brings the unique opportunities and challenges of hiking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in the northern states. We talk with Seth Levy of American Hiking Society about heading onto the trails this winter.




    Segment 3

Sand Mountain Blue Butterfly

vs the OHV

with Karen Schambach,

of California PEER

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility


The Sand Mountain Blue Butterfly lives exclusively on 1,000 acres bordering the 5,000 acre Sand Mountain Dunes which is becoming an increasingly popular site for off-road vehicles.

Efforts to keep the riders on the dunes and away from the surrounding Kearney Buckwheat, upon which the Sand Mountain Blues depend, is pursuing a legal confrontation to force the government  to apply the regulations designed to protect endangered species.