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10 Most Important Things for Good Nature Parenting

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Deborah Gordon has been studying ants for 20 years in the Arizona desert. 


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two whaling activists taken hostage aboard Japanese whaling ship in Antarctic waters.

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10 Most Important Things for Good Nature Parenting


1. Teach a respect and love of nature

2. Promote a sense of wonder

3. Show compassion for all living things

4. Treat all animals as intelligent and sensitive beings

5. Spend time in nature with no particular mission.

6. Teach intelligent use of nature

7. Encourage expression of their findings and discoveries

8. Avoid the "yucky" reaction

9. Allow kids to get hurt as part of their learning

10. Spend time in nature where nature dominates

Now go on out and have a good time.


Now go on out and have a good time.


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"Shadows and Footprints" was written and performed by Eliza Gilkyson. Eliza is one of the finest singer / songwriters alive. She has a number of albums, all of which are worthy of owning. She is also touring, and you should plan well in advance to catch her show.



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Eliza, if you're listening, thanks for letting me useyour song to serve our whale brothers and sisters and all the other worthy creatures.

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