Originally aired Thursday January 20th, 2005



The story of Rare Pride campaigns

Pride can be a powerful force. In this show we learn how international conservation organization Rare uses this force to galvanize community

support for conservation. Pride campaigns, as they are called, are social marketing campaigns that raise awareness and change people's attitudes toward their natural environment. 

With over 60 campaigns implemented on five continents

Pride is literally spreading change in communities around the world.


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Segment 1         www.wildsidenews.com

Paul Butler: Rare Vice President    

Segment 2           www.wildsidenews.com

Segment 3                                             

Northern Namaqualand, South Africa               Photo: Rare

Megan Hill: Pride - Senior Director


Photo: Rare                                                Photo: Hal Brindley, July 2004

Morne Farmer: Pride Campaign Leader and Conservation Educator 


           Photo: Daniela Lerda - Conservation International                 Photo: Hal Brindley, July 2004


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