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The Humpback's Nudge 

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 Segment 1

News . . . then . . . 

A personal love story 

about a dog named 


by Sidney Wildesmith

I once had a dog named Apache. She came almost as a gift, and left memories that sometimes are hard to explain as a mere mortal. I give tribute to this amazing friend.  


    Segment 2

Search & Rescue Dogs 

of High Country K-9's

with Sam Heigh

Special thanks to these companies who generously donated nearly $2,000 worth of gear to help support the work of the High Country K9 Search and Rescue Dog Teams. Please visit their websites and listen to this very special thank you show. 

 Explorist 300      Meridian Platinum


AirGrill Blower



People are volunteering their time and resources to train their dogs to assist in the search for missing, injured and trapped people. Sam Heigh talks about the mission and training  of High Country K-9's and the services they provide for free to the public.





    Segment 3

with David Ball & "Hawk": Graduates

We see them every so often, a dog tethered to a person in a wheel chair. There is a lot to this connection between a human and an animal. It's an amazing story of dedication, hard work and passion. It is a story you will love to hear. And it is an opportunity for you to become part of this most amazing truth about what is possible between humans and our animal friends.

Dave & Hawk


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