Thursday, March 2, 2006  

Global Warming. It's Real!

   The debate is over. Global warming is definitely under way. Hear three of the world’s leading scientists discuss their findings about the reality of global warming. Learn what changes may be in store. This is a must show for all.


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 Segment 1

News . . . . then . . .

Dr. Mark Serreze

Senior Research Scientist

Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences


What has Dr. Serreze learned about global warming after spending years researching the Arctic, sea ice and climate? What will be the consequences of Greenland’s melting at twice the anticipated speed? Can we turn this back?





   Segment 2


Dr. Lonnie Thompson

Senior Research Scientist


Dr. Thompson has spent more time on glaciers above 18,000 feet of altitude than any other human, taking core samples from thousands of years of glacial activity. Conclusion. The glaciers are disappearing. The effects will be felt for generations.

  Segment 3    

Dr. William B. Curry

Senior Scientist


After the worst hurricane season on record, it's perhaps just the beginning of many other surprises ahead as a result of climate change brought on by the build-up of CO2. What other affects can we expect as the oceans continue to warm?



Thanks to the of Salt Lake City

for sponsoring the 11th Annual Symposium on

"Global Climate Change: The Arctic to the Rocky Mountain West"

for their assistance in bringing these guests to you.