Thursday,  March 15, 2007  

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 Segment 1

Interior Department re-opening oil and gas leases after 20 years in Utah


Camels on rampage for water in Australia


Bush administration bans reference to climate change and polar bears by traveling officials


World Bank speaks out about injustice to developing nations in wake of threats from global warming


Lots of money to be made in brokering Carbon Credits. Will it however, affect on greenhouse gasses?

 Segment 2

Flo Stone

Founder and Creative Director

The 15th Annual Environmental Film Festival kicks off March 15th and runs through March 25th in Washington, DC. 

With over 140 films appearing in over 40 venues, and accented with live performance and guest appearances by a wide diversity of film makers, stars and celebrities, this year's event will be a most significant statement of the state of the filmmaking art in environmental and nature media.

Amazingly, the majority of screenings are free and open to the public. 

Be sure to attend if you can, and if you can't feel free to download the festival catalogue (pdf) which has full background on each of the films, including who to contact if you'd like to do your own version of the festival, or sponsor a screening of any one or more of the films in your own hometown.

click here to download the complete Festival Guide 

(in pdf format . . . 48 pages)

  Segment 3

Dave Foreman

"Around the Campfire"

~ Issue Four~


"The Human Population Explosion and Biodiversity"


Dave Foreman, the "Godfather" of EcoAction shares his thoughts on the shortcomings of the some of the solutions being proposed to deal with overpopulation by allies in the conservation and environmental communities. Dave has some direct advice and a few warnings.