Thursday, March 16, 2006  

3 Perspectives on Globalization

Two views of Canyonland National Park using Google Earth (close-up and more distant)


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 Segment 1

News . . . . then . . .


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New York City close-up. The detail can be astonishing.

   Segment 2


Dr. Robert Watson

Chief Scientist


The World Bank 


Global Warming

  Segment 3    


Bait-fishing Crows

Links to videos of bait-fishing crows:

Unsuccessful attempt

Successful attempt

Dr. Oren Hasson's website

Video shows crows in Tel Aviv park tossing pieces of bread into pond to catch fish. Extraordinary new example of animals making and using tools.


sorry, video temporarily unavailable

The Forbidden City (Beijing)

Close-up of Forbidden City to show level of detail. It is possible to get even closer.

thanks to Google Earth