Thursday, March 30, 2006  

Just for your pleasure, unusual cloud formations over Lake Huron, off the coast of Point Clark, Ontario, Canada. Courtesy: Gordon MacNay.

Fools, Foundations and Festivals

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 Segment 1

News . . . . then . . .

Jim Moriarty

Executive Director



Surfrider Foundation has a new Executive Director. We talk with Jim Moriarty about Surfrider, and the waves and beaches he plans to serve.

   Segment 2

Dan Puskar

Centennial Coordinator


Mesa Verde National Park is 100 years old this year. We talk with Dan Puskar, who knows a lot about this legendary wonder, about its past and its present, and the events that are marking this Centennial Celebration.



Mesa Verde 360 degree virtual tour

This is a sample from a wonderful CD that has 360 degree virtual tours of many of Mesa Verde's wonders. It's available from the Mesa Verde Association shop. Give it a try (you need QuickTime).

  Segment 3 

Billy Parrish

Say what you will about whether Americans are beginning to wake up about the need to change our ways, campuses are a world of their own, and it's a promising sense of awareness that is uniting their actions around the country. 

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Climate Campaign's  

"Climate Change Action Pack"

The New Global Warming PSA from the Ad Council, Environmental Defense and Ogilby & Mather


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