April 1  Celebrating Wilderness at 40
  Segment 1    


2004 Northwest Wilderness Conference

April 23rd & 24th in Seattle

  We will hear a personal note about Wilderness from Actor and Wilderness celebrant Robert Redford, from a press conference he held on Wednesday.

Then we will talk with Fatima Oswald, about the 2004 Northwest Wilderness Conference being held in Seattle April 23rd and 24th. She will discuss some of the key speakers and special events, and all you need to make it possible for you to attend.

 Segment 2      

Press Release from Americans for Wilderness

We will hear from Doug Scott, of Americans for Wilderness  who will make a very important 2004 Wilderness News Announcement about the 2004 Wilderness celebrations this year.

Then we will talk with Bob Aegerter, who fell in love with the wildlands on a hike through Glacier National Park years ago, and now devotes his life to speaking about the role wilderness plays in maintaining our living systems.

Segment 3   

Press Release from Americans for Wilderness

Featured Report:
People Protecting Wilderness... For People
. . .
Celebrating 40 Years of the Wilderness Act

 . . . Hold on  . . . because Doug Scott is making it possible for you and all Americans to celebrate this 40th anniversary of the American Wilderness System. You will want to hear this, because the celebration just got real. Tune in to find out more (psssssss. . . .some names you might recognize . . . Robert Redford, Christopher Reeve,  Bonni Raitt, Don Henley, Ted Danson, E. O. Wilson, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford . . . . Let the celebration begin!)