Thursday,  April 5th, 2007  

Celebrating 3 years of broadcasting 

Your Voice of the Earth

Thank you for listening and making our community grow 

every single show.

Sidney Wildesmith

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 Segment 1

A Conversation of Birds

I need your help in researching a theory I have, that birds (and other creatures) in a natural community, share a very intricate conversation that "respects" other birds' while they are "speaking".

After years of listening, very carefully, it is my belief that bird language in a community rarely "talks over" another bird while he or she is talking. It's a very intricate sharing, and one that can take some time to discern. And I just may be wrong.

But with your help, we can begin to investigate this through a nationwide community of field observers, namely you. I need you to listen for me in your backyard, neighborhood, forest, field and everywhere in between. 

Send your observations, comments, sound recordings and analysis to:


Sidney Wildesmith

  Segment 2

Canine Companions for Independence

with David Ball & "Hawk": Graduates

We see them every so often, a dog tethered to a person in a wheel chair. There is a lot to this connection between a human and an animal. It's an amazing story of dedication, hard work and passion. It is a story you will love to hear. And it is an opportunity for you to become part of this most amazing truth about what is possible between humans and our animal friends.


  Segment 3

4th in the Series


5 Secrets 

to Better Nature Drawing


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