Thursday, April 7th, 2005

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A World Changing Announcement! 

The best news in 50 years! (see segments 2 and 3 below)

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  Segment 1

News . . Then

Now YOU can add your voice to  the Voice of the Earth.

Do you have something to say, about the earth, about our future, about the nature or the environment?


Today, we explore how you can record and email your thoughts and stories and voices and concerns to YOUR Voice of the Earth. It's easier than ever with the new mp3 technologies. 

       5 easy steps

1. record your thoughts (1-5 minutes) Best done on computer or mp3 recorder like the iRiver pictured above.

2. convert to ".mp3" format (download the free mp3 encoder below)

3. attach the .mp3 file to an email

4. put "Voice of the Earth" in the subject line

5. email to


Then watch as your voice gets added to Your Voice of the Earth.

LINKS TO MP3 ENCODERS (Try the Audio converter / Audio Grabber. This is just a sample. Many more available. Do a Google search) 


     Segments 2 & 3 

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And Now !!!


the announcement 

we have all 

been waiting for.


It's Cleantech. 

It's no longer "alternative energy". 

It's now the "Green Wave" of the future.

   This past week in San Jose, California, 350 of the world's most powerful investors, energy companies and environmental organizations have embraced the vision, the dream, the challenge of Cleantech.

   What does that mean? It means that a new era on planet earth has arrived. The old carbon-based energies are considered out-dated. The new energy systems (wind, solar and others) ARE the new dream (sure would have helped us all had this been recognized a long time ago . .  but . . . ). 

   In Segment 2, we take a look at what has brought about this new initiative, the players, the voices, the forces that have brought this new great economic strategy into being.

   In Segment 3, we take a look at what this means for you, your family, your future and for the the wondrous worlds of nature.

In a nutshell, ENERGY INDEPENDENCE, sustainable futures, confronting global warming, reducing resource exploitation and a whole new economic era. 

Want in? of course you do!

So let's launch the Decade of Discovery with the Cleantech future.



And hundreds more!


































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