Thursday,  April 12, 2007  

In-Depth: The Story of the Salmon People

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Charles Hudson

Public Affairs Manager

We've all heard the legendary saga of the salmon runs up the raging rivers of the west coast of North America. Those days are gone, when the rivers ran red with the surge of the fish returning to their ancestral birthing grounds. Today, the salmon, like so many other species, are struggling to survive. 

Today, we hear the story of the Salmon, from the perspective of the native people who have allied their lives with this powerful animal.


  Segment 2

The Story of the Salmon: Part 2

with Charles Hudson

Celilo Falls


For thousands of years, people lived along the tributaries of the Columbia River relying on the regular return of the salmon for the cultural and spiritual continuity it provided. Then, in the late 1800's changes came with the American expansion. And life has never been the same.

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The Story of the Salmon: Part 3


Charles Hudson

The Great Bonneville Dam 

under construction: 1930's


Salmon used to return to the Columbia with numbers reaching 16 million. Today, that number is 1.5 million. Can the efforts of a wide coalition of people bring about the necessary changes to return the population to a more sustainable number? Maybe. We talk about the current efforts to restore a viable population by utilizing the 4 "h's"

Harvest management



and Hydro.