Thursday,  April 19, 2007  

Who Owns Our Water?

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Local is the New Organic

Brita Belli

Managing Editor

For years, the public has increasingly demanded organic vegetables, fruit and meats. As the market gained momentum, the demand for organic foods become a year-round phenomenon. As a result, foods are being shipped to us from around the world to satisfy our choices. 

But some are questioning the efficacy of international shipments of organically grown foods in light of the stresses we face with oil depletion and greenhouse gasses.

Turning to your local community farmers can satisfy your desire for great healthy foods, and help reinstate a vigorous farm system across the nation. 

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Who Owns Our Water?

Part I


Bill McCann

In a rural New Hampshire community, citizens have tried for years to raise appropriate issues about the impact a large-scale designer bottled water plant could have on their water supply.

USA Springs plans to drill down to the bedrock aquifer that underlies the region and to draw out over 300,000 gallons of water a day, bottle it, and ship it off to Italy. 


The impact of this taking could literally be felt in the backyards of the entire community, as citizens have for years relied on wells for water. 

Amazingly, permits for USA Springs are progressing, with absolutely no requirement for payout to the community that could be affected. 

Who owns our water?

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Who Owns Our Water?

Part II


Patricia Newhall

Landowner abutting the USA Springs property

USA Springs just may be the warning cry for people across America to begin asking the question, "Who Owns Our Water?"


The struggle by local residents to raise issues to protect their waters finds itself battling some unusual rulings, which include decisions by regulatory and judicial authorities as to whether or not they even have the right to defend their waters.


Letters from USA Springs attorneys have recently been delivered to key spokespeople for Save Our Groundwater, warning them that, if they continue their efforts, USA Springs will consider filing civil and criminal charges against them. 


We are entering a most unusual time.