Thursday,  May 10, 2007  

Expanding the Reach of Natural Law

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 Segment 1



Weekly Earth Summit  

participants this week include:


Dr. Matthew Sleeth

Author of "Serve God, Save the Planet" and leading spokesman for the Creation Care Movement


Carl Pope

Executive Director of the Sierra Club


Dave Foreman

author, activist, advocate, Founder: The Rewilding Institute


Emma Sleeth: Asbury College


Dr. Charles Kennel

Former Director of Scripps Institution of Oceanography / Member of the Pew Commission on the Oceans


Dr. Thomas Lovejoy

Director of the Heinz Center for Science, Economics and the Environment. Advisor to World Bank, Smithsonian, WWF


Dr. Robin D. Moore

Amphibian Specialist Group for Conservation International


Dr. Marc Bekoff

author and renowned ethologist


The Weekly Earth Summit opens each show.  

In 15 minutes, you will receive your own briefing on the state of the ark as interpreted by some of the pre-eminent scholars, scientists, authors, activists and spokespeople. 


Be sure to listen each week, and spread the word.


  Segment 2

. . . . then . . . 

Great Apes defended in courts for the right to gain "personal" protections. 

Michele Stumpe


Great Ape Project-USA

Great Ape Project-International

Should great apes have protections similar to those afforded people?

A 26-year-old chimpanzee named Hiasl (pronounced HEE-sul)is bringing this issue directly onto the world stage, as a wide array of advocates for the great apes defend Hiasl's rights to life, liberty and a status commensurate with an animal which shares so many human characteristics.

Being adjudicated in an Austrian court a recent ruling has denied Hiasl's rights to be considered a person, but for reasons that leave plenty of room for reinterpretation and appeal.

Today, we talk with the President of the Great Ape Project, an attorney in her own right, who is actively assisting in making the case for great apes around the world to be afforded a new status as "persons."