Thursday,  May 18, 2006  

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Ann(e) Smith

As the price of gasoline hits the homeland, we hear from Ann(e) Smiths from across America, and how they are dealing with these changes as mothers, workers, retirees and citizens.



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 Segment 1

News . . .


Ann(e) Smith


Reporting from:







See the USA in your Chevrolet
America is asking you to call
Drive your Chevrolet through the USA
America's the greatest land of all

   Segment 2



Ann(e) Smith 


Reporting from:





North Dakota

On a highway, or a road along the levy
Performance is sweeter, nothing can beat her
Life is completer in a Chevy

So make a date today to see the USA
And see it in your Chevrolet


Segment 3



Ann(e) Smith


 Reporting from:





Traveling East, Travelling West
Wherever you go Chevy service is best
Southward or North, near place or far
There's a Chevrolet dealer for your Chevrolet car

So make a date today to see the USA
And see it in your Chevrolet.


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