Thursday, June 16th, 2005           

Mountains, Oceans and Love

Three great universal themes that speak to the wonders of nature

 and those who share its passion.

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 Segment 1

News. . . . then . . . 



  Mountain Visions


Gary O. Grimm

 A visionary nature photographer, working in the virtual realms of wonder, talks about his passion for the wildlands. 


    Segment 2

"The State of the Oceans"


 A Report by:

Dr. Charles Kennel: Director


Scripps Institution of Oceanography

   Segment 3

Canine Companions for Independence

with David Ball & "Hawk": Graduates

We see them every so often, a dog tethered to a person in a wheel chair. There is a lot to this connection between a human and an animal. It's an amazing story of dedication, hard work and passion. It is a story you will love to hear. And it is an opportunity for you to become part of this most amazing truth about what is possible between humans and our animal friends.