Radio Show for Thursday,  June 22, 2006  

Whither the Storm

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News . . . 

The new mouse lemur species up close.

Photograph @ Mark Thiessen / National Geographic Society

then . . . 


JAPAN WINS effort to persuade the IWC 

(International Whaling Commission) 

to lift the ban on whaling


Taruichi Restaurant



phone: 03-3208-9772 in Japan

"Whale is a traditional Japanese food and is a part of the Japanese culture," Taruichi's owner, Takashi Sato, tells Shukan Jitsuwa. "Who cares what the anti-whaling lobby may have to say, but those are the facts."

The Japan Whaling Association

 is always interested
to hear from people who visit our site.

Japan Whaling Association
Toyomishinko Building 7F
4-5 Toyomi-cho,
Chuoh-ku, Tokyo 104-0055

  Segment 2


What's With the Weather?


Mark Hoekzema

Chief Meteorologist



Weather is making news every day. So what's up with the weather? We find out from one of the country's favorite meteorologists.

Program note:

"Shadows and Footprints" was written and performed by Eliza Gilkyson. Eliza is one of the finest singer / songwriters alive. She has a number of albums, all of which are worthy of owning. She is also touring, and you should plan well in advance to catch her show.



Here is a link to Eliza's website.


Eliza, if you're listening, thanks for letting me use your song to serve our whale brothers and sisters and all the other worthy creatures.

  You are a Mystress of Mystery.


Sidney Wildesmith

  Segment 3


 Profits 5 / People 4

Supreme Court decision  favors continuing war over wetlands.


Jon Devine

Wetlands Specialist

The Supreme Court voted 5-4 to overturn a lower court ruling that had stopped two landowner/developers from effectively destroying the wetlands on their property. Why is the Supreme Court decision so important to our future? Jon Devine explains the story.