Thursday, June 23rd, 2005 


Energy Bill: UPDATE 

Will this energy bill help? 


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 Segment 1

News. . . . then . .

Not yet passed, the Senate continues to debate the nature of America's energy future. This will get you up-to-date.



    Segment 2

The explosive bomb 
in the energy bill!

The Senate gave it's endorsement to conducting a complete offshore energy survey (OCS) which will involve using high-intensity sonic explosions (hundreds of millions of them) to map the ocean to locate new energy resources, despite the fact that there is a moratorium on offshore drilling.
We talk with NRDC's 

Lisa Speer 

about the effect such will have on the living systems along our coastal areas.

   Segment 3

Petrified Forest National Park

with Chief of Interpretation Lyn Carranza