July 1st  The Vast Great Lands   
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Walks For Wilderness: let the journey begin!

Liz Howell, Executive Director of the Wyoming Wilderness Assosciation
This Saturday, people will be gathering in Sheridan, Wyoming for one of the year's first Walks for Wilderness to celebrate and share our appreciation of the American Wilderness. Learn about what's in store, and how to find out about events in your area

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with John Schoen: Senior Scientist

The National Petroleum Reserve - Alaska

One of the world's most extensive wild places and definitely America's largest public land resource is facing a change in it's use status that could dramatically affect the wildlife, wild lands and native peoples in the area. Dr. John Schoen, the lead scientist in Audubon's study of this area will discuss the current concerns, and what this may mean for the future of one of America's last great land areas.

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National Park of the Week

Kenai Fjords National Park           

with Sandy Brue: Chief of Interpretation

If you are looking for a truly unique sojourn of the soul and spirit, and an opportunity to connect with nature's power, Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska, awaits your arrival. Sandy Brue, Chief of Interpretation talks about the extraordinary wildlife, spectacular views and unique recreational opportunities that exist in this wildly romantic National Park . . . our Park of the Week.