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"The Singing Life of Birds"

An interview with world-renowned birdsong expert

Donald Kroodsma

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 Segment 1

News. . . . then . . 

Panda Cam courtesy of Animal Planet

Ever wanted to learn how to listen to birds? 

Well, Dr. Donald Kroodsma gives you a whole new way of looking at the art of listening to birdcalls.


   Segment 2

WE go in-depth to discover how the reality of bird life and communication can help you better learn how to become familiar with the calls and songs of the birds in your life.

His approach is a bit different than some may suggest. But the benefits will be well worth taking the time to practice these habits of listening and seeing.

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Segment 3

The sonogram. It may seem a bit intimidating at first, but once you understand how to look at these "birdcalls" they are an invaluable tool in making sense of the many bird calls. Remember, some birds have over 2,000 individual songs. 


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