July 15th         Self-Expression  
Segment 1       

News . . . then . . .  

National Park of the Week 

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore  with Bruce Rowe: Public Information Office.

Boasting a unique diversity of plants & habitats, "The Dunes" serves its large urban community.

National Hunters Poll (pdf)                             

Segment 2       

Chip Ward . . . 

"Hope's Horizon: Three Visions for Healing the American Land"

Chip Ward discusses his new book chronicling the historic factors and the people who empowered some of the primary trends that are shaping the future of the American lands, and the future of the earth.  

Published by Island Press

Segment 3    

Field Sketching & Journaling ~ Thumbnail Sketches

with Sidney Wildesmith: Artist / Naturalist / Host of the Wild Side News

One of the most enjoyable practices you can learn is making "thumbnail sketches".

I will guide you step by step. So have pencil and paper ready.

I will be introducing you to a wealth of visual inspiration as we use MountainVisions.com panoramic landscapes.

Click here to go to the Lesson Page:

For this lesson, simply click on the link for each sketch (click here to see the picture I worked from -shrink the screen so you can see both at the same time) and see how the picture relates to the sample thumbnail sketches. You can do lots of  thumbnail sketches (which you need to do to learn), so try this often. Then use the MountainVisions.com panoramas full screen and move within them until you find a composition you like, then do a thumbnail sketch. Practice, practice, practice.


Click here to see MountainVisions.com image that this thumbnail sketch was drawn from.   This was done with a ballpoint pen.

Click here to see the MountainVisions.com image this thumbnail sketch was drawn from.  This was done with a ballpoint pen.

Email me a jpeg of your favorite thumbnail sketch. I'll award a prize of my book, "How to Be An Artist: A - Z" to my favorite entry. Have fun.