Radio Showfor Thursday, August 10, 2006 

$101 per barrel

 $98   $99

 $89   $93   $97  

$77     $80      $86   

They promised US 

this was NEVER going to happen!



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 Segment 1

News. . . . then . . 

Car Crunch in Pasadena?

Mayor Bill Bogaard

City of Pasadena, CA


The theme of "Who Killed the Electric Car" was suddenly being replayed this week, as Nissan Motor Company was about to pick up Pasadena's 11 Hypermini electric cars, and haul them off to be ground up into history.


And Pasadena said,

"hey, not so fast!"

and history is being written as we speak.




   Segment 2


Dr. Audrey Magoun



We journey to Alaska and talk with the Jane Goodall of wolverine research, Dr. Audrey Magoun, who has focused nearly 30 years of her professional career studying these elusive and little understood creatures. You just may be surprised about what she has learned, as she's had the chance to hand rear young kits from birth. 



  Segment 3

Thank You

for finally proving our point!


 America can no longer rely on oil companies.


We hear from

Pam Miller

with the

North Alaska Environmental Center


Kristen Miller

representing the

Alaska Wilderness League


Although the shutdown came on suddenly with no official warning, there has been an ongoing series of accidents, spills and leaks that foretold the current state of affairs.