August 19, 2004

"G e e e a a r a t e"

Part 1

News . . . then . . . 

Air Grill Blower: Compact hand powered blower to help start and restart those campfires. 

Zodi Outback: Basecamp warm/hot water heater for showers, cleanup and dishes. And tent heaters too.

The Hotseat: No need to sit on a cold hard surface in camp or anywhere else. This pad provides instant heat for your butt for hours. And you recharge it electrically.

Part 2

William Tefft . . . talks about this ultimate map source. When you need to find a map  from anywhere on just about anything, MapLink can help.

Part 3

National Park of the Week

Buffalo National River

with Doug Wilson - Chief of Interpretation

Meandering 135 miles through northern Arkansas is one of America's finest natural rivers. It is a cultural and natural sanctuary of an America now hard to find.