October 21, 2004    Archived! Listen Now. 

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Welcome to all the Friends of the 

17th Annual National Trails Symposium

"The Emerging Role of Trails in American Lifestyles."

From Austin, TX  

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Segment One             

Pamela Gluck: Conference Coordinator  

"Welcome to the National Trails Symposium"

& Roger Bell: Chair of American Trails

"The Mission and Work of American Trails"

Segment Two      

Bob Searns: Vice Chairman of American Trails delivers a keynote address:

 "Trails and the Greenways Movement"

Segment Three      

Butch Smith: Austin Park and Recreation Department

"Trails in the Urban Environment. . . Paths to Community"

Butch Smith explores Austin's 10-year effort to develop a comprehensive trail network. Now that it's happened, how can other communities learn from Austin's success.