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for Thursday, November 9, 2006 

Environment the Big Winner

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News  . . . then


It's all better now. . 


commentary by


Sidney Wildesmith 

Host and Producer


   Segment 2        


Chuck Porcari

Communications Director


With the change of power to a new Democratic majority, at least in the House and potentially in the Senate as well, what can we learn about the role that the environment played in the outcome. 


There's an amazing story here.


Listen to find out.      

Segment 3



National Historic Site

South Carolina

with Eric Williams

Chief of Interpretation


As we recover from election 2006, it may be good to take a giant step back to hear where this Democracy thing began, as told by an interpreter in one of America's great historic parks. 
It's the story of the earliest colonial "backwoodsers" who planted the seeds that created this nation. 
We go back to the 1770s and learn just what life was like.

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