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for Thursday, December 7, 2006 

"OK . . . Take a Deep Breath"


Some of the wonders that went on Auction at the most recent Bonhams and Butterfields Natural History Auction in Los Angeles.

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 Segment 1

News  . . . 

Dr. Gustavo Fonseca 


talks about the history-making commitment by a Brazilian governor to create a series of 5 conservation easements that guarantee the continued existence of the largest contiguous tropical rainforest in the world.


To contact Conservation International 

go to








   Segment 2     

Dr. Fonseco continues . . . 

as he talks about the new political will emerging in South America in response to the land grabs that have ripped apart so much of the native habitats and affected the lives of hundreds of thousands of Brazilian people, and threatened to remove one of the most significant CO2 filters on earth.   


Map of the newly designated protected tropical rainforests of Brazil.

Segment 3

Thomas Lindgren,

Natural History consultant for 

talks about the most recent Natural History Auction which set record high prices for natural history wonders.

51-million-year-old specimen of 22 dinosaur eggs which brought a record high price for a natural history object at auction.

Bonhams and Butterfields Natural History Auction Online Catalogue

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