Thursday, December 8, 2005   

  The Complex World of Animal Emotions

         and the Hawaii Volcano National Park 



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 Segment 1

News . . . then . . . 

Can animals think? Do they have feelings of joy, happiness, sorrow and pain?

To find out we go in-depth with world-renowned animal behaviorist, Dr. Marc Bekoff, Professor of Biology at Colorado State University in Boulder, Colorado.

Having spent over 30 years thoroughly studying the behavior of dogs at play, Dr. Bekoff has identified a very complex panoply of complex communication that has, until his research, been a secret realm in the lives of dogs.

    Segment 2

We continue our discussion with Dr. Bekoff to explore how the acknowledgement that animals are emotional, thinking beings affects the way we perceive our world, and what this may portend for the future of human / animal relationships.

   Segment 3


This last week, a spectacular display of the earth's forces thrilled the world as the volcano at Hawaii Volcano National Park suddenly poured its molten lava directly into the sea. A rare occurrence that displays, once again, the awesome forces that make up our earth.


We talk with

Kupono McDaniels  Interpreter at

Hawaii Volcano National Park.