December 11, 2007 




Talk on Campus

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Do you have something to share on the 

Weekly Earth Summit?


Here's your chance to be heard around the world!

If you have a commentary, observation, event  or concern related to nature or the environment, email me at

Please include your name / phone number / and email.

I'll call you to talk about setting up a time to record you over the phone. It's just that easy. We try to limit each speaker to no more than 3 minutes. I do a soft edit to remove blunders and misspeaks, so don't be shy. 

You'll sound terrific.

The Weekly Earth Summit is here for you!

Send your email to:


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News . . . .  

Report from the UN Conference on Global Warming happening this week in Bali.     Then . . . . . .


Talk on Campus



As the world begins to act together to develop strategies and working agreements to heal the damage done by generations past, what is the new generation of college students thinking. We talk to 6 students during finals week at UCSD, about what's on their mind.

We talk with


Maximillion / Gene / Lin / Kaleb / Catherine / and Eric



A great animated story of our time. . .   . . . Pass it on!