December 18, 2007 


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Complete speech by John Edwards at the Global Warming and America's Future  Debate held in San Francisco.  

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  Segment 2

News . . . .  


Donna Buckbee updates us on how Rushford, Minnesota is recovering three months after the flood.


Top-Ten List of 

Worst Things for the Planet


As the year ends and we look to a new year with the hope of a fresh start, there seems no better time than the present to take a look at the major problems facing the planet.


That's what we do today. Listen and enjoy. 


10. Mountain Top removal

9.   Oceanic Bottom Trawling

8.   Massive Harvesting Technologies

7.   The New China

6.    Misunderstanding Animal Intelligence

5.    Exploitation of Nature

4.    Consolidation of wealth and Power

3.    Globalization

2.    Genetic Engineering

1.    War




A great animated story of our time. . .   . . . Pass it on!