Adam Shapiro, Co-Producer of "Darfur Diaries," discusses the legacy of Darfur, and what brought him to the point of traveling to Darfur with Aisha Bain and Jen Marlowe, who became the co-producers of "Darfur Diaries." (hour long show in 3 parts)

Ann(e) Smith

Ann(e) Smith. As the price of gasoline hits the homeland, we hear from Ann(e) Smiths from across America, and how they are dealing with these changes as mothers, workers, retirees and citizens.

Doug Scott  talks to us from the clearing on the Mountain.One of America's preeminent wilderness historians and advocates has invited us all to join him for a very personal history of the American Wilderness movement as we all take a walk to the clearing in the mountains.If you want to really understand how the American Wilderness emerged, its early champions, its mission and now its future, this is your chance. 

Join us on the mountain.

Reporting From Around the World. Following a massive magnitude 8.1 earthquake off the coast of Tonga, we head to American Samoa to see how they are responding to the warnings of a possible tsunami. Europe has been suffering through one of the worst floods in a hundred years. We get a report from Bucharest, Romania.
Environmentalism in the New  Conservative America (3 parts) Sidney Wildesmith
People's Thoughts on the Environment (3 parts)
Sitka National NewsHistorical Park 
Walden at 150: Scot Miller

Ninety-Six National Historic Site

Plant Portraits by A.R. Valentien

Walden Pond: Walden Woods Project
Fort Laramie Natl. Historic Site
Manassas NBP
Harry S Truman National Historic Site
Fort McHenry Natl. Historical Shrine
American Chestnut Foundation
New Bedford Whaling National Historic Park
Unearthing T-Rex: Peter Larson 
Golden Spike National Monument
Cane Creole Natl. Hist. Park
Yellowstone Inn at 100