Original Music - Electric Bees

"Electric Bees"

By Dave Dix, Sidney Wildesmith and Anabel Lamb

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England ’s Dave Dix, who has travelled as lead sound man for Bat For Lashes and other great bands on their world tours, had just finished an original recording and noticed an electronic buzzing sound that reminded him of bees. He got on the Internet to see what he might find.

In San Diego, California, Sidney Wildesmith was the Host and Producer of the Wild Side News, a weekly Internet radio show about nature and the environment. He did a series of interviews with experts about colony collapse disorder (CCD) that was suddenly killing off the bee population, the pollinators of our food. He posted a video on YouTube entitled “What’s Killing Our Bees” which caught the attention of Dave Dix.

Along with his singer-songwriter wife Annabel Lamb, they edited Wildesmith’s commentary. Dix sent off a quick email to Wildesmith asking permission to use his voice, and “Electric Bees” was born.

Neonicotinoids, a pesticide used to kill insects on numerous crops, is boldly singled out as the cause of CCD on “Electric Bees.” Although banned in France and Germany, it is still widely used in the US and the bees keep on dying. Now, beekeepers, environmentalists and over 1 million citizens have come together to demand that neonicotinoids be banned in the US.

“Electric Bees” stands with that effort.

Click here to view the original Wild Side News YouTube commentary “What’s Killing Our Bees" and click here to listen to the Wild Side News interview with David Hackenberg.

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/ YouTube Commentary


     August 2, 2007          www.wildsidenews.com  

Why so little Buzz about the Bees?

Segment 2

We talk with

David Hackenberg

Hackenberg Apiaries

Having been involved in raising bees for honey and as pollinators, David Hackenberg was one of the first to really raise the issue of the disappearance of honey bees in his hives. Quickly, in the spring of this year, hundreds of stories were coming in that confirmed his observations. Bees were indeed disappearing in alarming numbers in much of America.


Since then, we've heard very little about the plight of the honeybees. Today, we go in-depth and perhaps get close to uncovering the reason for the bees disappearance. The answers may surprise you.

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