Video Production

Productions to meet your specific needs.
YouTube, viral marketing and similar internet media.
Promotional (especially interested in working with artists and entrepreneurs)
Editorial / Opinion / Commentary (Serving people / culture / environment)
Instructional / Education
Music Scoring for Movies

"Sidney Wildesmith is an incredibly talented voiceover and music creator with whom I have worked personally on two major projects: "Pope of the Century," a one-hour tribute to the late Pope John Paul II, for which Sidney delivered a superb voiceover and music that greatly enhanded the DVD/TV Special, and the pilot of "Winds of Change," a one hour tributre to the heroic role of African-Americans in Hollywood. He is a master at striking just the right tone for the script in hand.

Sam Summerlin President Hollywood Stars II


"Video Production is where my skills and passion meet! " SW

I often refer to myself as an addict of creativity. And I suppose that is why producing video is becoming such a fascinating profession, because the better you are at visualization, sound, music, writing, design. . . the better you'll be at making video work.

As you'll see, I've produced professional work for a variety of clients. And I look forward to expanding my creativity into ever larger and more significant work.

I'm ready when you are, and I'm up to any challenge. I work with some very talented other professionals in the field who have been there and done it.

SHOOTING (a sensitive and skilled eye for composition and movement)

EDITING (effective, clean combination of graphics, clips, talent, sound and music)

SCRIPTING (exceptional skills in successfully telling the story)

VOICE-OVERS (speaks with warmth and authority, and can add comedic delivery)

MUSIC (a passionate composer from rock to romantic with a great sense of scoring)

To discuss your project (small, medium or large)

CONTACT ME. I'm always prepared to provide the first half-hour of professional consultation free.

I know that it is that first 30 minutes that determines the future of creative collaboration.

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