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24" x 18 " Oil on Canvas

Storm Over the Ortiz

A few years back I lived up against these mystical mountains a few miles south of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Being at such a high altitude already, when storms like this moved in I had to get ready for some wild electronics from the clouds.

I can report that yes, St. Elmo's Fire, the basketball-sized green balls of light do indeed exist. There were times when the lightning was so intense, I just sat and hoped I would make it.

The Ortiz Mountains are the site of one of the world's richest gold mines, and secrets so kept that they will only come out in time.

I'm hoping to tell that story sometime in the future . . . of one the worlds most amazing civilizations that to this day, only a few understand.

If you're curious contact me.

If your are intersted in "Storm Over the Ortiz", contact me.